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GSoC 2016 week #1 Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software


GSoC 2016 week #1 status update for  'Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software'.

We have started to keep in touch with my mentor(Mr Bruno Magalhães) everyday. We are trying to progress on tasks quickly.

- Installed Drucall plugin on my machine. I had a look on the structure of Drupall plugin.

- Installed WordPress on my local machine and started to develop simple plugins.

- Started the development of the WordPress plugin. Created a settings page and added sample settings for plugin.[1]

- Successfully ran JSCommunicator on my local machine. Inspected the code for integration with Wordpress.

[1] https://github.com/mesutcang/wpcall

Mesut Can Gürle

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