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[GSoC/Outreachy interns] DebConf participation and sponsorship

Hi everyone,

Some mentors might already have mentioned it, but the annual Debian conference,
DebConf 16 [1], will be taking place right during your internships in Cape
Town, South Africa, between July 2nd and 9th. DebConf is preceded by DebCamp,
an opportunity for face to face meetings and "sprints" (team work sessions),
between June 23rd and July 1st.

[1] https://debconf16.debconf.org/

We would like to encourage you to come and meet the community during the
conference, as this is a great way to showcase your work, and actually
integrate with the rest of the Debian project! However, as the conference is in
South Africa this year and the travel allowances for your internships won't be
able to cover all the expenses, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fund
your whole flight, as well as accommodation and food during the conference.

The full process goes this way:

 - You register on the DebConf website (as soon as possible, *before the end of
   next week* - May 8th); To do so, and if you need sponsorship, you need to
   know the amount you will need for travel expenses (conference expenses are
   automatically calculated according to the time you're spending there).

   You need to set the "I am applying for a bursary from" to the GSoC/Outreachy

   When asking for sponsorship, please let us know some details to help us
   prioritize, in the "Details of my bursary request" field:
    - Is any of your mentors coming to DebConf? If so, who and when?
    - Do you intend to submit a talk? If not, are you willing to do a demo of
      your project during a specific session?

 - If you want to submit a talk, do that on the DebConf website; If you want to
   demo your project in a smaller session, let outreach@debian.org know.

 - We collect your registrations and sponsorship requests, assess the global
   budget we need;

 - We ask how much the conference allowances from Google and Conservancy would
   be, based on your requests; In previous years this was a flat 500 USD per
   intern for both programs.

 - Considering the program-specific funding we're allotted, we ask whether
   Debian can fullfill the rest of the sponsored amount. If not entirely, we'll
   have to decide who can be sponsored and who can't.

 - We notify you of acceptance or rejection of your sponsorship request
   (hopefully we can do that around May 20th). You can then book your flights
   and we'll meet in CPT :)

The current funding situation is pretty tense: we would kindly ask that you are
reasonable in your requests, so that we can give everyone a better chance of

Thanks for your swift action,
Nicolas Dandrimont

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