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Re: GSoC, Outreachy and other time commitments (other jobs, etc)

On 26/04/16 20:05, Jonathan Jackson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I believe a complete answer to that question would adress both the
> maximum time of commitment on other activities as well as hoe much time
> to spend on the actual project. Some people may have a "slower" or
> "faster" lifestyle and the max. time on other activities might be a poor
> indicator of the success on the project.

It is correct to say that every developer works at a different speed

Developers who already know many of the libraries and tools often work
faster too, although it depends on each individual project.

> From what I read. It seems the criterias or productivity and the
> achievement of a goal are set by the mentor... Am I right? Or is it
> evaluated at some point by Google? Or is it exactly what we are trying
> to figure out here?

The mentor gives Google a pass/fail recommendation at mid-summer (end of
June) and at the end of GSoC.  Google generally acts on those

Google asks for a copy of the code produced by each student.  Google
could potentially use tools to scan the code from each student to
ascertain the quantity of work (lines of code) and quality (e.g.
FindBugs, Coverity or similar metrics).  I don't know if Google does
those things but I worked for another company that was running all those
checks over the work from every developer.  Those metrics don't reveal
everything though: sometimes a developer (or GSoC student) can spend a
whole week debugging something really unusual and not write any code in
that time.



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