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Re: [All mentors] We need to know your intern selection now!

Oops, I am on vacation, I hope I didn't mess this up.  I marked 3
candidates as "want to mentor" in the Google system.  I didn't send the
email by yesterday.  Markus Koshany and I are signed up to the be the
mentors, I'm handling the gsoc side for Markus.  Kau-Chung Yan was a
student on the Android Tools project last year, and is qualified to be a
mentor.  So we can easily handle having Kai-Chung and 2 other students,
if that's possible.

Here are the candidates in order of preference:

Kai-Chung Yan
Chirayu Desai
Mouaad Aallam


Nicolas Dandrimont:
> Hi folks,
> Our GSoC slots request has come and gone, and it's now time to make our final
> intern selection for both GSoC and Outreachy.
> Please let us admins _PRIVATELY_ know (through the outreach@debian.org mail
> alias) which candidates, if any, you would like to accept for this summer's
> internships, as soon as possible and in any case by Sunday April 17th.
> If you do not reply before 23:59UTC on that Sunday, we will assume that you
> don't want to select any interns for this round.
> You MUST NOT tell your candidates whether they have been selected or not, so
> please make sure you REPLY PRIVATELY (I know a lot of you don't like this part
> of the program, but Google makes the rules; Reply-To and M-F-T set
> accordingly).
> If you have requested several slots for your projects, please rank your
> selections as we __might__ not be able to grant them all: we have had more
> candidates than usual, have requested more GSoC slots than previous years, but
> only got granted the lower end of our requested slot range.
> Thanks for being timely!

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