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Re: Requesting permission

Hi all
 On 24 de marzo de 2016 13:55:11 GMT+01:00, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:
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>On 21/03/16 20:58, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
>> * Kelvin Stewart <kelvin.stewart333@gmail.com> [2016-03-21 02:39:25
>> +0530]:
>>> Hi, This is kelvin stewart and i need to participate in GSoC with
>>> debain so i need to activate my debain wiki account in order to
>>> send proporsals. Thanking you
>> Hi,
>> I'm putting the Debian WWW team in Cc, they should be able to help
>> you and handle wiki issues.
I forwarded that email to wiki@debian.org

>I saw another query like this from a student on the Free-RTC mailing
>list, is it fully resolved?  Or can somebody confirm the procedure for
>students to create accounts?
Some people find that they are banned when they try to create a wiki account, due to the antispam filters. 
They should see a message telling them to report the issue to wiki@debian.org so they get whitelisted.

If anybody asks about this problem creating wiki accounts, please tell them to report by mail to wiki@debian.org 

Best regards

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Laura Arjona Reina

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