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GSOC queries : Support for KLEE in Debile

Greetings Debian Community,

My name is Vineet Purswani and I am a fourth year Computer Science MTech Integrated student at IIT Kanpur, India. I am interested in knowing more about a project listed on Debian GSOC ideas page - Support for KLEE in Debile.

I have a great interest in Computer Systems, specifically operating systems, computer architecture and cloud computing. I have had several projects in each of the above mentioned areas. I worked on NACHOS to test some of the scheduling algorithms, demand paging techniques, implemented condition variables and semaphores. I did an architecture project to get my hands on over cache hierarchy techniques and branch & target predictors. I am currently working on computer security projects, wherein I have done control hijacking, privilege separation, learnt about several symbolic execution techniques like DART, KLEE & EXE. I am using Z3 symbolic execution tool developed by Microsoft Research for my project.  I have a fair experience in compiler design, databases, functional programming, machine learning as well. You can find my work here: https://github.com/vineetpurswani

Kindly guide me as to how do I start working on this idea? Which bug fix/enhancement should I work on? Expectations in proposal?

Kindly share any details that you would like to share or any questions that you may have for me regarding this GSOC project. 

Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely
Vineet Purswani
IIT Kanpur

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