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Re: Request for Assistance with OpenStack Debian Image Creation and Instance Setup


On 11/6/23 07:58, SANGMESH Sangmesh-EXT wrote:

I downloaded the Debian image from the following link:

https://cloud.debian.org/images/cloud/OpenStack/current-10/debian-10-openstack-amd64.qcow2 <https://cloud.debian.org/images/cloud/OpenStack/current-10/debian-10-openstack-amd64.qcow2>

This is a very old version of Debian. Why not using this one?

What you're looking for will be the debian-12-generic-amd64.qcow2 image.

However, I'm facing issues when trying to create the image through the OpenStack Horizon dashboard. I also attempted to create the image using the command-line interface (CLI), but I'm encountering problems accessing the Debian instance.

If you don't describe your problem, it's going to be difficult to help. What's the issue exactly? Any error message or log?

Could you please provide me with the step-by-step instructions on how to successfully create the image and set up the Debian instance in OpenStack?

It's written here for the CLI:


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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