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Re: VxLAN / VLAN gateway (l2gw)


(And hi again: back in 2020 we corresponded about bug #949845 in Open vSwitch 2.10.)

On 18-02-2021 16:06, Thomas Goirand wrote:
I'm not sure what you want to know. FYI, there's also this, which I
maintain in Debian:

and I use it to maintain 8 OpenStack clusters in production so far (with
a variety of features, like with/without ceph, with/without Swift,
with/without compute, with/without Telemetry, etc.).

I know Michal Arbet (aka: Kevko) uses the Debian backported package with
Ansible (so a very different way to setup things).

We're into Puppet but I guess that's more a matter of preference. :-)

Anyway, I'm curious about either software based L2 bridging (using Open vSwitch or an appliance such as Cumulus) or hardware, albeit on a switching or routing platform. Any experience in practice?

In addition I'll take a look at the backported packages apart from VxLAN / VLAN bridging: it's very nice if we could be (semi) seamless upgrades.


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