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Re: networking-mlnx Ubuntu packages

On 10/14/18 3:46 PM, Lenny Berkhovsky wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> We have backported some important bug fixes to
> https://github.com/openstack/networking-mlnx/
> Could you, please, create a new packages for the following tags:
> Tag         OpenStack Release
> 13.1.0    rocky
> 12.1.0    queens
> 11.1.0    pike
> Is there anything I can do to assist or trigger the creation process for
> them?
> Thanks in advance.
> *Lenny Verkhovsky (aka lennyb)***
> SW Engineer
> Mellanox Technologies

Hi Lenny,

Debian Sid already has version 13.1.0 of networking-mlnx. Is there
anymore update that needs to happen to this package? Have you tried the
Debian package for it? If you're searching for the Stretch backup, it's


I'm not planning on continuing the packaging of anything older than
Rocky anymore (we have version 9.0.0~b1 in Stretch, and 13.1 in Sid/Buster).

The title of this message is "Ubuntu packages". As you may know, I do
only packaging in Debian, not in Ubuntu. So if you're thinking about me
for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive, then I'm the wrong person to ask.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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