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Bug#677484: libreoffice: Extrange behaviour on LibreOffice 3.5 menus

El 14/06/12 23:13, Rene Engelhard escribió:

That might be, but huh? you wanted to chose something in a submenu, so what is
the big problem if the main menu was "overlapped" by the submenu?


As you can see, the big problem is the submenu does not allow to select main menú options. You must cancel selection, and then, try to select the submenú once again


That is minor :)

It is a no critical failure, but it indicates the menu drawing is not the same like the previous libreoffice versions. This mistake could suggest some others bugs related could exists.

And... it is ugly and extrange to see one application draw his widgets in his own way... without desktop integration. :D

And without compiz? Note that afaicr on the mls compiz is so buggy that it won't
be in wheezy.
But whether compiz is involved here is an important info.

At least here (sid, gnome3 - in forced fallback mode, intel graphics)
it works...

With XFWM4 the shadows works, but the menu still appearing in wrong orientation.
The shadow could be a Compiz error...

I have the next configuration in "Window Decoration" plugin:

Window Shadow: any (class=Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | dock | dialog | combo | splash | Unknown) | name=VCLSalFrame | name=gnome-panel | name=gkrellm

Which has no image of your "overlapping" thing....



Thank you Rene. ;)

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