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Bug#661294: libreoffice FTBFS on alpha because of unsatisfiable build-depends on libgraphite2-dev

severity 661294 wishlist

On 27/02/2012, at 9:16 AM, Rene Engelhard wrote:
Nothing more but wishlist

Fair enough. Putting the wishlist request through again with correct spelling ;-)

Please note that openoffice has built in the past on Alpha---about nine months ago we had an installable and also working version of openoffice.

about nine months ago we didn't have openoffice.org anymore. And how long is
alpha gone from wheezy/sid?

Might be the build from almost 12 months ago or maybe it was actually libreoffice rather than openoffice. Alpha/Sid is still being built at debian-ports and I think we have all the build-dependencies of libreoffice, except for graphite2, built.

But yes, can add the same as for armel/sparc.



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