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Bug#617595: libreoffice-base: date entry in Form grid ignores data entered in ISO 8601 format.


On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 03:41:16PM -0500, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> My system has a default locale of en_US.  This means that dates
> rewritten to match my locale come out like 02/27/11 (for 2011,
> February 27th).  I prefer to enter dates in ISO-8601 format
> (2011-02-27) because of its lack of ambiguity.  (i actually prefer to
> view them that way too, but i haven't sorted out how to do that yet).
> I start a fresh database with libreoffice-base.  Make a new table with
> a Date [DATE] column in it.
> If i edit the table directly, i can enter dates in ISO-8601 format and
> they get stored properly.


> >From Forms, choose "Use Wizard to Create Form", and click "finish" to
> get the default form with a grid view.
> Open the form, and enter the date in ISO-8601 format.  no matter what
> date i enter, it gets re-written to today's date (03/09/11).  It would

ACK. (And no, it doesn't  get rewritten to todays date all the time. It gets
rewritten to the *last date successfully entered*.

> If i enter a date in the locale format, it is accepted properly.  Then
> if i go back and re-enter it (for the same record) in ISO8601 format,
> the old date is retained (rather than being set to the today's date).

See above :)

> Feel free to forward this upstream if you think that's appropriate.

It already was mentioned at
(That's the only thing I found, I don't think there's a OOo bug yet. - And the
LibO people rightfully don't care about Base  that much)

> I'm afraid i don't have the space (or time!) to install two versions
> of libreoffice and test them side by side.

Well, given the above link it seems to be an upstream bug ;)


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