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Bug#609035: remove older openoffice.org hidden dirs after upgrade

severity 609035 wishlist
tag 609035 + wontfix


On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 05:56:39PM +0100, Wolfgang Schnitker wrote:
> I had some performance trouble in writing a slideshow in Impress. after saome googleing I got the hint to look for the rest of older installation. 
> I.e.: you should delete old ~/.openoffice.org2 dirs after upgrade to 3.x versions.

No. No Debian package ever has to touch user config dirs.

And you didnt think this complete enough, what about installs where
some people use OOo3 and some OOo2 (we share the same user dir with
upstream). Then OOo2 gets started any no package upgrade script will
clean up.

> This gave me the complete performance back to Openoffice.
> Wish: Remind User to delete older openoffice.org dirs. Or do it automatically after upgrade.

No. Never ever. No Debian package ever has to touch user config dirs
let alone removing them.

(LibreOffice will do a user config migration, though, but that is
equally flaky).

Besides that, you filed this bug in squeezes deep freeze phase. Only
release-critical bugs will be fixed now (since some weeks/months) and
this isn't one.

-> Wontfix

And you have a *Wish*, so this is wishlist, not normal..


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