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Bug#605120: OpenOffice.org Impress 3.2 problems with Presentationview mode

Package: openoffice.org-impress
Version: 1:3.2.1-6~bpo50+1

When you open a presentation made with OOo Impress 3.0 or 3.1, I can modify it without problems in normal view mode, but in view presentation mode (F5), the graphics (lines, embedded images ,...) are partially cut.
If I export the presentation in .pps, .ppt, .sdd or another, the problem remains, unless exported in .sxi (OOo 1.x format) but in this case I lose the effects of transitions.
Creating a new presentation (File> New) and paste a slide in particular, the graphics partially cut problem remains.
As an example: http://www.aportes.venenux.org/usuarios/Alexis/prueba.odp

I have also found that creating a new presentation (File> New), the first slide that is created, not seen in Layout view mode (F5)!

My system is a Debian Lenny, with security updates up to date, with Backports OOo.

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