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Bug#587204: Impress Doesn't Play Audio in PPS/PPT Slides

> I made two identical slides with the older version (1:3.2.0-9),
> one in .odp and the other in .ppt, using the Impress sound gallery.
> The older version played both correctly but the newer one 
> (1:3.2.1-3) just played the .odt correctly and couldn't play the 
> sound of the .ppt.
Not what I see here. Every OOo version (also tried a bunch of
upstream ones) apparently fails to store the gallery sound in a ppt.
Loading a ppt originally generated from PowerPoint works though.

Please add more information on how exactly you created your
documents, or even better, make them available (especially the
1:3.2.0-9 - generated ppt you claim has the sound).

-- Thorsten

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