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Bug#572064: Please provide python-uno for other python version, at least 2.6

tag 572064 + wontfix
forcemerge 476213 572064

On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 01:35:23PM +0100, Jürgen Strobel wrote:
> I am aware of #476213. This is not a request to fix temporary unstable problems.

Then you should not have filed a new bug out of it as #476213
got used for telling that I won't do what you just request in this
new bug.

> I would very much like to have an additional python2.6-uno. After glancing
> at debian/rules I feel unable to provide patches though.

No. (As said in #476213).

If you want python-uno for 2.6, get the python "maintainer" or the
people doing work for him to get the transition done to change
the default. Then a OOo rebuild will pick up 2.6.

I build only for the default python and this is not going to change.
Especially it will get interesting because pyuno is not a pure python#
module but has also a OOo part (which is linked against libpython).

Which one of both will you take? Both will conflict anyway due to
the pythonloader. And the build will also get hackish. ("Normal" build
of OOo and then pyuno again for 2.6).

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