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Bug#569903: SEGFAULT while copying from web

severity 569903 + important
tag 569903 + moreinfo

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 11:36:13PM +0100, Jessica Wrobel wrote:
> Justification: Renders package unusable for copy&paste	

I am sorry, but no. a) it probably is only cut'n'paste from web
b) assuming that copy/paste works for the rest it's not grave at all,
but important.

> A short note how to reproduce this issue (copy&paste from the above mentioned 
> bug):
> Steps to reproduce the bug:
> 1. Use firefox to go to 
> http://www.lerucher.com/dossiers/0400/creation2.asp?from=preparer_creation
> 2. Copy the text starting at "Executive Summary" until the end of the list 
> (including the list item icon)
> 3. Open OpenOffice.org writer
> 4. Paste in a new document what you copied from the website
> 5. SIGSEGV !
> -------------------------------
> This can be reproduced on several webpages. One which is very nasty is the 
> online exam webpage of my university where I would like to copy over exam 
> questions into a document. 
> Another page where I can confirm this is taz.de... I've currently no idea what 
> is going wrong there exactly. 


Did you by chance try whether 3.2 has the same problem?

> ps: answers and further questions please to winnie@debian.org

winnie: Give me a backtrace if possible, please, I'd bet neon is involved.


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