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Bug#563756: /usr/bin/ooimpress: ..Microsoft Powerpoint chainmail hijacks ooimpress, crossflatform virus?

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On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 03:54:06AM +0100, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ...opening the file either with varianst on 
> "ooimpress /tmp/Om\ penger\ -\ NO.pps &"

Which file? There's none attached. Can you please be more
precise for those who don't follow M$ crap (but see below)?

> or from the menu system in ooimpress, produces the
> same reproducible result; ooimpress goes full screen 
> showing the chainmail, and dies promptly if you pick
> "End the presentation" from the right click menu.

>From google results (which are pretty indecisive), it seems
that PowerPoint should be able to send mails? Where is
the advisory/mentioning of this? Why do you think that OOo
does this? (No, playing the presentation and quitting, which is
the point of pps doesn't make it do that).

> ...I found _no_ way of windowing or closing the chainmail 
> without also killing ooimpress.  Anyone else wanna try it?:

Then you didn't try (or look) hard enough. pps is just a ppt + autoplay.
(So as said in 548959 a mv just does it)


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