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Bug#537315: More Detail on performance issues


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 06:44:38PM +0000, Max Zimmermann wrote:
> Antialising", almost resolves the issue. Nice and smooth afterwards. But
> since that obviously isn't the root cause of the problem, I've done what
> you suggested and here are my results:

Ah, OK. I think  there was something related to this somewhen, which might
be because antialiasing is disabled per default in vanilla...
Have to look...

> vanilla .deb from OOo, Version 3.1.1 for Linux x86_64: Same problem,
> after enabling Antialising. But, and probably worth mentioning:
> Antialising is disabled by default, as opposed to the debian standard.

Well, we all know upstream has interesting(tm) defaults... I think defaulting
to antialiasing is more sensible than not to :-)

> Vanilla .deb from OOo, Version 320_m2_3.2_beta_LinuxX86_64: I couldn't
> get the Beta to work. It complained about missing dependencies to core0X
> files, which weren't included in the download, not even after
> downloading a second time....

Huh? In my dowload there were -coreXY files...
No problems installing it...


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