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Bug#539597: openoffice.org: installation messing with user's

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009, Rene Engelhard wrote:

Anyway, /me thinks this bug at most is minor and that OOo does not do anything
serious with $HOME except of course trying to access its config (arguably
it shouldn't do on system-wide installs,

I agree that the bug is minor (not sure why I set it to normal when I reported it). The installation creates (tries to at least) a new .execoooRANDOM directory in HOME that it removes afterwards.

but then again your $HOME is bogusly set to your users' home)

I don't think any debian policy says it is bogus (but I agree this provides an easy workaround, which maks the bug minor).

If you want this fixed, please file an issue upstream, I don't
want to fight with upstream for this...

The code is in:

which uses HOME if it exists and /tmp otherwise.

It seems to be from Fedora, not directly upstream. I may try to see with them if they are willing to change it there, although it is more complicated than setting HOME to a safe value in the script.

Thank you for your work on openoffice for debian,

Marc Glisse

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