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Bug#536056: Impress: Impress multi-monitor mode fails with ratpoison

* Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> [090707 11:09]:
> I use ratpoison on my netbook, and would like Impress to use the external
> monitor for the presentation while displaying notes on the built-in panel.
> Impress and ratpoison fail to communicate about this, and ratpoison forces
> the presentation window to open on the same screen as the Impress main
> window, after which the screen size is fixed (so I have to move the main
> window to the VGA output, start the presentation, then move it back to the
> LVDS).

I've only tried with lenny, and here the size of the presentation window
seems not to be fixed (i.e. when I move it to the other screen[1], it
gets full-screen there).

Another work-around could be to just select the correct screen, then tell
ooimpress with the mouse to start the presentation (though impress has
the common bug to request the focus when clicked on, so that might need
working around with ratpoison's :rudeness command).

	Bernhard R. Link

[1] well, I only have two Xephyrs of different size connected with Xdmx,
but that should behave the same.

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