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Bug#537315: openoffice: oocalc 3.1 is so slow to display graphics that it is nearly unusable

Le 17/07/2009 à 11:00, Rene Engelhard a écrit :
> found 537315 1:3.1.0-5
> tag 537315 + moreinfo
> thanks
> Hi,
> Alain Bkt wrote:
> > Package: openoffice.org-calc
> > Version: 1:3.1.0-5~bpo50+2
> This BTS is not a BTS for backports. The BTS does not know about
> that version at all.
ah, sorry, i thought it was bts for all debian tastes including backports

Where backports bugreports should be sent ?

> > Working on a big xls spreadsheet converted to .ods is awfuly slow (compared to 2.4
> And what should we do without that speadsheet, please?
> Search for the (unknown) needle in the haystack?
(thx google translate for understanding this :)
i guess i'm not alone with this pb.

> *Always* attach the file or at least a testcase, otherwise reports like
> this are pretty useless.
ok, ill try to build a testcase when i have time (i cannot send the file)

> And 3.0.1?
3.0.1 was better, (more or less like 2.4) and usable.
> > It makes OO 3.1 nearly unusable : 
> Ah, yeah, sure...
> > it is need to wait one minute after scrolling the page with many graphics,
> > the mouse wheel is unusable.
> Uhm, well, maybe then you shouldn't have uselessly big spreadsheets
This spreadsheet is big, i cannot change it. (well i m working on

> with many graphics? Probably they bogusly are all on the same sheet, too?
They are on the same sheet on purpose, its not bogus its a feature,
(it is needed to see everything in the same page)
and i'm sad to say M$-office handle this correctly, so it is technically
possible (and OOo sucks it is awfully slow compared to M$ in virtualbox)


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