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Bug#475092: Bug#460288: Bug#475092: works for me in 3.1.0-5

> Viktor Horvath wrote:
> > The original bug report seems to me a duplicate of #460288.
> Might be, yes. (Ccing that bug and its submitter...)
> > I had the same problem using 2.4.1-7, but I just upgraded to 3.1.0-5
> > and it works there!
> Too bad the submitter of #475092 never saw your mail because you didn't
> send the mail to him at all. ;-)
> (nnnn@bugs.debian.org just goes to the maintainer and the bug log, *NOT*
> to the submitter). CCing.
> Can you confirm that 1:3.1.0-5 works?


I'm the submitter of #460288.

Unfortunately I can't test original bug condition now since I've converted 
all my systems to utf8 long ago.

With OOo 1:3.1.0-5~bpo50+1 and ru_RU.UTF-8 locale, files with cyrillic 
symbols open ok both when OOo is already running and if it is not already 
But that does not mean that things work correctly with koi8r locale.


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