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Bug#534243: openoffice.org-core: Please switch to libneon27-gnutls

tag 534243 + moreinfo


Adrian Bunk wrote:
> openoffice.org-core uses libneon27, which is linked with OpenSSL.
> Looking at the licences this seems to be OK.


> But other (GPL'ed) applications mistakenly linked with libneon27
> instead of libneon27-gnutls are a source of GPL violations.

But OOo is not GPL.

> Getting libneon27 phased out would therefore be a good thing, and
> having openoffice.org-core as one of only two remaining users moved
> would be one step of decreasing it's usage.
> It would also avoid some surprising effects of LGPL+OpenSSL in
> Openoffice.org (impossibility of the plain LGPL->GPL conversion).

But it would introduce the interesting situation that OOo would link
against libneon28-gnutls *AND* link against openssl directly
-> nonsense.

If you would have looked at OOos changelog, you would have seen that using
the OpenSSL version was deliberate:

openoffice.org (1:2.4.0~ooh680m5-1) experimental; urgency=high
  * debian/rules:
    - build against OpenSSL versions of curl and (especially) neon again
      as the webdav ucp now directly links against openssl...
      (reopens: #391671). Use system-openssl.

*sigh*. One more avoidable + wontfix "bug". :(


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