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Bug#457641: Debian Bug report logs - #457641

I have encountered this problem too.
I am running OO 2.3 on KDE 3.5 on a Fedora 8 box.

A few days ago, this copy one paste many worked correctly.
Today, it failed copy one paste "Import Text" dialog box.

OO 2.3 Calc works properly when run from Gnome.
Logging in as root to a KDE session and then opening OO Calc works correctly. Renaming the .openoffice subdirectory under home and running OO Calc does not fix the problem.

I have not updated or patched or reconfigured my system for a couple of weeks.
The cause of the problem is likely not a newly installed patch.
I think that I may have accidentally typed a bizarre combination of keys while in OO Calc. I have reviewed and reset every category of function for assigning key strokes to replace the mouse,
but the problem persists.

If  you figure this out, I would appreciate an email.


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