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Bug#509985: [openoffice.org] Calc : crash when setting no format for cell

found 509985 1:2.4.1-7
tag 509985 + confirmed
forwarded https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=416837
# probably, the upload came after it was fixed in trunk. *Some* 3.0
# package contains it surely, though.
close 509985 1:3.0.0~ooo300m3-1


Jean-Louis Biasini wrote:
> In calc, if one delete the contains of the "cell's format
> description" (I don't know how you call it exactly in English for I'm
> using the french version... to get there : right click on a cell, then
> cell's format(second line), then the box on the bottom) and then press
> ok, Calc just crash... say goodbye to your work... ;)

Yes, can reproduce this.

> It crash even with a new document... That's quite a dangerous
> behaviour! 

Yes, it's dangerous, but what makes you think deleting the whole
contents of this is OK?

Anyway, already fixed (in the 3.0.0 packages)


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