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Bug#509193: openoffice.org depends ttf-liberation abusively

found 509193 1:2.4.1-4
severity 509193 wishlist
tag 509193 + wontfix
retitle 509193 please don't depend on ttf-liberation


Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> ttf-liberation fonts are really ugly (at least I think so), and I'm
> totally unable to remove them _and_ keep openoffice.org because of that.

openoffice.org is just a metapackage. No harm when removing it.
> Please downgrade the dependency to a mere recommends.

No. ttf-liberation is the only alternative instead of msttcorefonts when
you want not use a installer package which installs non-free fonts.

And OOo upstream includes the fonts - so the openoffice.org metspackage,
which sense is to install all components what you would get when you installed
it upstream dpends on it.

(And next time please coose a sane Subject: how is this dependency abusive?)


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