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Bug#506820: openoffice.org: old profiles cause problems in heterogeneous environments


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > ooo-1.1. Of course the script does not match it then.
> > (It does ed -i "s/.*library:name=\"WebWizard\".*openoffice.*//" $dialog_xlc $script_xlc and has no way to find out the path, as the system it seens the
> > version on might not have the .sversionrc)
> But if it has the .sversionrc (and we know the $HOME) we might be able
> to parse it (we know the user dir then and it has symlinks to soffice etc)

Just for reference, does this work instead of the current snippet in soffice?:

if [ -e $HOME/.sversionrc ]; then
        profiles=`cat $HOME/.sversionrc | grep ^OpenOffice.org | cut -d"=" -f2 | sed -e s,file://,, | xargs`
        for p in $profiles; do
                if [ -e $p/soffice ]; then
                        office=`readlink $p/soffice | sed -e s,program/soffice,,
# Fix for bug #mdv41228 #i89207
# Remove this line:
# <library:library library:name="WebWizard" xlink:href="file:///usr/lib/openoffice/share/basic/WebWizard/dialog.xlb/" xlink:type="simple" library:link="true" library:readonly="true"/>
# from files below.
if [ -f $dialog_xlc -a -f $script_xlc ]; then
        sed -i "s/.*library:name=\"WebWizard\".*$office.*//" $dialog_xlc $script_xlc

> And for OOo3 that scriptlet above is gone anyway, we should not keep
> update scriptlets for infinite time. (And this problem only
> arises on 1.1.x->2.x and some 2.x->2.x updates)
> > If you have a environment with different OOo versions from different
> > distributors that is crying for touble.
> Still valid. What if you have a OOo1 somewhere and go to Debian OOo3.
> You would still run into this problem.

That didn't and won't change, i'll only keep this snippet for 2.4.x (lenny).
Experimentals 3.0.0 packages didn't have it in any of its releases anyway ;-)


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