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Bug#495694: openoffice.org-writer2latex: uninstallable


Benoît Dejean wrote:
> > And why do you think this is a writer2latex problem and not a
> > problem in whatever JVM you use?
> > Which one did you use (set it Tools-Options in OOo).
> I haven't set anything. I used to have gcj but switched to cacao because

But what is set in OOos options? Please look.

> gcj was broken/incomplete and hasn't work with OOo on ppc for some time
> (but used to work #478760). So now i've switched to another vm as you
> asked me, you're telling me that i should get back to gij ?

I am just trying to find out whether the problem is in caco-oj6-jre (which I
do belive - OOo never supported cacao as JVM)

> Then i reinstalled writer2latex, and got this:
> Dépaquetage de openoffice.org-writer2latex (à partir
> de .../openoffice.org-writer2latex_0.5-8_all.deb) ...
> Paramétrage de openoffice.org-writer2latex (0.5-8) ...
> Adding
> extension /usr/lib/openoffice/share/extension/install/writer2latex.uno.pkg...
> unopkg failed.
>  done.
> Is this OK ?

Well, the registration of the extension failed, probably because it didn't
get properly deregistered in your purge/removal attempt.

Try the following:

dpkg -P openoffice.org-writer2latex
/usr/lib/openoffice/program/unopkg remove --shared org.openoffice.legacy.writer2latex.uno.pkg

Then try to install it again.



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