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Bug#492124: apparently no way to disable blinking cursor

> > Severity: normal
> No. It's a wish -> wishlist.

If the bug makes the program unusable to some group of people, then
perhaps it should be

4 important       a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package, without
                  rendering it completely unusable to everyone.


> > Many people are aggravated by having to look at a blinking cursor when
> > they are editing a document - one web page compares it to Chinese
> > water torture. I have disabled the blinking cursor in Gnome and
> OMG. Torture is someting else.

The word "torture", indeed, conjures up an image of something more
painful than annoying. That's why I prepended the words "Chinese
water". According to Wikipedia, Chinese water torture "was supposed to
drive its victim insane with the stress of water dripping on a part of
the forehead for a very long time". It doesn't sound OMG to me. For
some of those who suffer from autism or epilepsy or ADHD, and can't
"just ignore" the blinking, it must be an apt comparison. I am well
aware that most people aren't bothered by it.

> > > will be practically unusable to me and to a minority of others. This
> > > is an accessibility issue, which should be pretty easy to fix.
> > 
> > This is already told to the OOo authors in issue 6071 for 6 years now,
> > but as it's assigned to requirements it can only take a few years more
> > if at all until this is done.
> Hmm. Discussion with upstream says me that OOo should also honour the
> settings you did in Gnome already. Did you install openoffice.org-gtk?
> Without it you don't have GTkified UI and no GTK integration.

Oh, thanks for letting me know. But ... I've tried installing
openoffice.org-gtk-gnome, openoffice.org-gnome, and
openoffice.org-gtk, and the problem persists. It doesn't look like
openoffice.org is using gtk yet though. The menubar is shaded and the
menus only have a black outline on the bottom and right sides. Do I
need to restart something?

Thank you,


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