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Bug#491094: openoffice.org-calc: Rotated texts are messed up in calc (xls)

retitle 491094 openoffice.org-calc: Rotated texts are messed up in calc (xls) on amd64
close 491094 1:3.0.0~beta2-1
close 491094 1:2.4.1-6


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Lorand Szollosi wrote:
> > > > Applies to this version and no previous ones: after loading an xls,
> > > 
> > > What you want to say is that it appeared in 1:2.4.1-3 but not in 1:2.4.1-2?
> > > If you mean the difference between the version which was in testing
> > > previouly i(2.4.0-5) and 2.4.1-3 that's not the "previous" one...
> > Unfortunately I did not back up version numbers before upgrade,
> > but I keep a fairly up-to-date testing, so probably that one.
> Then next time please say "the previous version in testing" or somesuch.
> "previous one" for me always means the real previous one (in this case
> 1:2.4.1-2)
> > > > if a cell contains vertical text, then it gets messed up. Some
> > > > letters will be rotated, others kept; if you can't reproduce it,
> > > > I can send a screenshoot + example file.
> > > Works for me in a lenny/amd64 chroot using 1:2.4.1-3.
> > Great, now I'd like to hunt down the differences in your and my
> > configs, and publish the results so that others can google for it
> > later. Can you please help me in this?
> > 
> > I've attached a test xls file, and a screenshot showing the bug.
> > Could you please test whether this xls works for you?
> No, it doesn't :/

More data points:

Works for me with current 3.0.0 developer snapshot debs (m24) and
1:3.0.0~beta2-1 on amd64.

And it works also for me with 1:2.4.1-6 in sid chroot on amd64.
Marking as fixed in there, we can change this later easily when this
doesn't prove true.

A tester reports that it works for her with both 2.4.1-3 and 2.4.1-6
on i386 (Cced)



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