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Bug#490549: [openoffice.org-calc] crash on delete cell with spell checker window

tag 490549 + moreinfo

Davide Prina wrote:
> To reproduce the bug:
> 0) Open OOoCalc
> 1) write in one cell the following:
> house inv.
> 2) Tools -> Spellcheck ...
>    This open the spell checker window
> 3) select on the OOoCalc (not the spell checker window) the string  
> "inv." (do not close the spell checker window)
> 4) press Del button (the button used to cancel the selected text)

I find that too unclear, You mean the X in the toolbar (near f(x)). Or
which one?

> OOo crash

Doesn't happen here with 3.0.0 beta2. Can you confirm? (3.0.0 beta2 for
experimental is just being prepared)
Does it happen in upstream 2.4.1/3.0.0beta2, too?

BTW, please (I know this §%/§ reportbug-ng brokenly doesn't show it)
read /usr/share/bug/openoffice.org/presubj, especially IV and V.



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