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Bug#488202: openoffice.org-base: even very small databases unusably slow

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lee wrote:
please get a full name.

> Trying to work with a tiny database containing like only one table with only
> about 830 records, things like editing and viewing reports are so ridiculously
> slow (on a 3GHz Intel Dualcore) that the software is almost useless. (Word

welcome to Java. The database engine is pure Java. and if you use the
Report Builder extension, it's Java, too.

> processing and spreadsheets are ok.)

I believe you use gij as Java (Free Software Foundation" SDK in Tools ->
Options -> Java) without having -gcj installed. gij has no Java JIT
compiler, so it's slower than Suns Java for example *unless* you install
-gcj, at which time you get the speedup which -gcj provides by making
it possible to make the jars also available as native compiled code,
which obviously is fast.

> If you want to, I can make the database available.

I don't think I need it, I think you want to install -gcj. If that
doesn't work for you sufficiently - well, as said: welcome to Java.



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