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Bug#484454: [: Re: Bug#471348 closed by Lior Kaplan <kaplan@debian.org> (openoffice.org: Segmentation fault trying to open a .sdc)]


Paolo wrote:
> Debianized (though not really needed) 2.4.1 from upstream, but same result:
> works on 2nd pc with Athlon etc, hangs on 1st pc with Duron etc.

Aha. So not Debian-only as you suggested. Good. (Well, not exactly,

> At this point I guess 2.4.1-bpo* won't make much difference, unless there are
> clues that Debian's patches may have addressed troubles in libs mentioned 
> here below.
> Digging further in, seems the culprit is PPD parsing function: thread
> hangs after loading the PPD for the default printer as set in the .sdc:
> [pid 21529] open("/mnt/opt/openoffice.org2.4/program/../share/psprint/driver/HP4SI6_1.PS", O_RDONLY) = 29
> which is the HP4SI6_1.PS included in upstream .rpm (which is the same as in 
> the OOo1.1.5 pkg), 

Which is non-free, and thus not in the Debian packages since

> Thus, seems that either the PPD parser is broken or it breaks while 
> working with the binfilter.

Maybe. Can you please file a bug upstream (and tell the issue number so
I can mark it as forwarded) since you just confirmed it's also a problem
in upstreams builds?



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