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Bug#484454: openoffice.org-filter-binfilter: hangs at ~98+% CPU trying to open .sdw docs from StarOffice 5.2

Package: openoffice.org-filter-binfilter
Version: 1:2.4.0-4~bpo40+1
Severity: normal


this is part of Bug#471348 saga, only that I'm filing against the - hoeply -
proper sub-pkg.

Like for the .sdc case there, OOo2.4.0-4~bpo40+1 hangs while trying to open
a .sdw made in SO5.2, taking away the CPU. 
Had to kill -9 soffice.bin to get the system back.

And like in the other case, OOo1.1.5 does the job without a glitch.

This is becoming a serious issue, as the doc base (here) is largely .sd* and
SO dosn't work in Sarge/Etch anymore, systems are being migrated to Etch
which ships OOo2 and I'd rather get rid of the fallback stuff in /opt/ from 
upstream OOo.


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