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Bug#364334: The 2nd Debian Openoffice.org bug triage - bug #364334

notforwarded 364334
reassign 364334 fvwm


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > well (or link this bug to the upstream bug if done already).
> Just that I don't necessarily believe Sun will care about fvwm2...
> Anyway, just forwarded.

As guessed:

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User pl changed the following:

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------- Additional comments from pl@openoffice.org Mon Apr 28 08:55:24 +0000
2008 -------
the toolbars are not sticky, they're override redirect. If fvwm2 supported the
EWMH spec this would work as it should. This is a missing feature in fvwm2.

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Reassigning to fvwm.



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