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Bug#478124: openoffice.org-impress: Box for slide transitions has a height of only a few pixels


Andreas Tscharner wrote:
> On my laptop, the box for the slide transitions types on the right has a 
> height of only a few pixles, making it impossible to change the type of 
> the slide transitions.
> This is only on my laptop where the screen resolution is 1200x800. It 


Do you mean 1280x800?

> works correctly on my desktop system on a 1280x1024 screen.

Works for me. (I do have a 1280x800 resolution)

I at least can see one full line of it and the scroolbars.
(but only until I minimize the window to a size where "there some space
left above it"). In fullscreen or if it has the whole vertical screen
size it works.



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