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Bug#477104: openoffice.org-calc: OOCalc FREQUENCY() function problem - solved upstream


BARBIER Jean-Matthieu wrote:
> > P1? This was never P1. P2 or P3 maybe, but not P1..
> >
> it is !! it was P4 from the original reporter, and changed to P1 by kohei, if 
> i remember...  

Ah, right. I'd say it's a P2. Anyway..

> > The issue states that kohei fixed in in ooo-build already.
> > So it will be automatically be in the next upload when we update
> > ooo-build to a new snapshot.
> can you tell me what is the delay ? 

I already did: "in the next upload". You won't get more concrete answer;
I think I am going to wait for 477168 fixed because otherwise OOo would
fail to build on ia64, too.

but it will be soon.



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