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Bug#466931: Problem whit GCJ_JAWT_DEPENDS in debian/rules script

tag 466931 + moreinfo

Miguelangel Jose Freitas Loreto wrote:
> I just make a backport version of OpenOffice.org (1:2.4.0~rc1-2) for
> Debian etch, when the build is done 'make' show an error that

why now? I'll do one when it's final.

> GCJ_JAWT_DEPEND is being used by itself and stop, you can see the error
> 522 to 526 lines in debian/rules script.

a) debian/rules is not a script
b) what's the *exact output*? What is the error you have? If you found
it, please tell me (I am currently more caring about getting it ready in
sid than the etch backport which would then come later)

BTW, I do not think this is "important" at all. This sound like a
backport-only bug, which is not in the scope of this BTS (of course, if
there's an error it will get fixed when the backport gets done).



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