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Bug#466170: openoffice.org-writer depends on java via openoffice.org-writer2latex

found 466170 1:2.4.0~ooh680m5-1
tag 466170 + pending

Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> Starting with the 2.4 series, openoffice.org-writer depends on java stuff due
> to openoffice.org-writer2latex. I don't know if this stuff is really useful
> for everyday users, but if not, it'd be nice to drop the Depends to

It's export to LaTeX so not necessarily for everyday things, but it
might be needed/useful for some people. (for rationale why it was a
Depends, see my last mail)

But I just committed the change making the Depends on writer2latex Recommends -
but I'll make it a Depends: at the "openoffice.org" metapackage.


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