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Bug#465308: openoffice.org: Latest and Greatest Very Slow

On Monday 11 February 2008 22:18:58 Rene Engelhard wrote:
> David Baron wrote:
> > Latest and greatest of Sid is so slow as to be virtually unusable.
> > Editing functions have considerable lag and a file save that would
> > normaly
> Editing functions In calc? Works fine speed-wise.
> Do you mwan editing ewquations in the math editor?  Does also work quite
> fast here. (Although there is some lag to render the new thing, yes,
> but nothing which is unberaable here)
> (clean i386 chroot on a amd64 box, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16)
> > be done in a fraction of a second took nearly a minute. 69% CPU as well.
> Well, that might also simply depend on the document. Or does it happen
> on all?

I just used the writer without any problems except the Hebrew/Unicode font did 
not print directly but the PDF export was fine.

The slow operation, relating to view repainting I believe, effect the 
spreadsheet. Both in a single language (English) sheet and in a mixed, most 
Hebrew sheet.

OK, I am not running a multicore newer system but an old Pentium-III 500mhz 
clunker. Never made any difference before. More than enough computer for 
office stuff. 

Another persistant problem (ALL 2.*.*) is crashing on RTF import of 
multilingual?? docs from other apps. I actually wrote the RTF export filter 
involved and it is far better than most (writing filters for Microsoft is 
chasing a moving target).

The version IBM used for Lotus, even though this Lotus does not correctly 
support bidirectional text, imports the file without a hitch. Abiword and 
Kword will import the file with black text default on black background (yuk!) 
but otherwise correctly and I can recover (if Abi were stable enough).

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