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Bug#432225: /usr/bin/ooo-wrapper: OOWriter crashs if I start the letter wizard

Am Sonntag 08 Juli 2007 18:12 schrieben Sie:

> Wrong package. Really. It might be worth sanity-cheking what you get
> from reportbug... (and using the feature in whose trap you just fell
> into is bad anyway IMHO)

Sorry for sending it to the wrong package, but reportbug said to me, that this 
would be the right package. I guess, openoffice.org-writer is the right one? 
Can this bugreport moved?

> And some other JDKs? Especially java5 and gcj?
> If it works in other Javas, it might be a bug in Java which we cannot do
> anything about.
> And where did you get Java6 from? it's not in stable afaik.

Sun-Java6 is in testing since April 2007. JDK5 is also installed, but no idea 
how to tell openoffice to use it (the manpage says nothing about this AFAIS). 

Have you a hint for me?

> Gr�gards,
> Ren�Sincerly,

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