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Bug#428646: default printer: printer loaded from document even if "load user-specified settings" disabled

Package: openoffice.org
Version: 2.0.4.dfsg.2-5etch1
Tags: upstream


The selected printer is loaded with the document (last used printer for that 
document) even if "load user-specified settings" is disabled, so the 
default printer settings doesn't really fulfill its purpose here.

Starting new documents, the default printer is recognized, also it's shown 
nicely in spadmin.

Found in: etch binaries, 2.2.1~rc3-3 from unstable (still on a 
basically-etch system, no dependencies broken, i.e. lots of lenny and sid 
now on the system...) and also with the official 2.2.1 build from oo.org.

This is a major nuisance here with many documents shared in a networked 
multu-user environment.  Especially because people tend to just send it to 
the printer again if it didn't come out on their own printer the first 

-- vbi

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        -- Stef Murky

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