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Bug#418650: openoffice.org: accessibility shouldn't need gnome-panel

retitle 418650 openoffice.org: accessibility shouldn't need gnome-panel


Rene Engelhard, le Sat 14 Apr 2007 23:09:20 +0200, a écrit :
> You do have openoffice.org-gtk and/or openoffice.org-gnome installed, have you?

Ah, sorry, I missed that part, but it's not sufficient either.

> And of course: Are you running under GNOME?

No, and I'd rather not because that's not my usual working environment.

That said, I tried running it and then it indeed works. I tried to
reduce the amount of GNOME stuff running while keeping accessibility
working in OOo, and it looks like the minimum I need for having
OOo's accessibility is gnome-panel, which itself launches
gnome-vfs-daemon. Running gnome-vfs-daemon alone isn't sufficient.

I'd really like to not have to run gnome-panel just for accessing OOo.


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