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Bug#396225: closed by Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> (Re: Bug#396225: openoffice.org 2.0.4-2 simpress crashes on all files)

Debian Bug Tracking System writes:

 > You didnd't. Use a clean (dist-)upgrade. 2.0.4-2 does not use
 > libstlport5.0.

 > In fact, the most important fix in 2.0.4-2 was *NOT* to use libstlport5.0
 > anymore but revert to libstlport4.6.

thanks for the hint.  i started from two sarge hosts a few weeks ago and
have since then done 'apt-get dist-upgrade's.  in my opinion that
process should not leave etch in dirty state, but obviously it has done
so.  i'll try to manually get rid of offending packages.

-- juha

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