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Bug#395894: Installing openoffice.org-gcj breaks (already broken) form wizard even further

On Saturday 28 October 2006 20:59, you wrote:
> > (Without openoffice.org-gcj the from wizard at least pretends to be
> > working and only reveals its non-functional nature in the very last
> > step..)
> Looks like a improvement to me... ;)
> At least it now doesn't pretend to work..

Yes, your right, it is an improvement ;-) How about further improvement by 
removing the wizard until there is a chance it could work? 

> (I don't see why this justfies a new bugreport, but *shrugs*)

The form wizard behaves differently when openoffice.org-gcj is installed. 
Therefore I can't tell if it's really the same bug. If the wizard would work 
in at least one configuration I could tell. 

Nevertheless, you know much more about OOo than I do. So, if you know that 
both bugs have the same reason, please merge #395894 and #354895

Kind regards,


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