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Bug#395894: Installing openoffice.org-gcj breaks (already broken) form wizard even further

Hi Rene,

On Saturday 28 October 2006 20:57, you wrote:
> > Sun's JDK, I can't figure it out myself from the really debian/rules
> > file.
>                                                          `
> 							 really what?

The "really" is probably the result of accidental pasting: Sometimes when I 
move my finger too slowly on the touchpad this is interpreted as a 
middle-mouse-button-event. In other words: "Really" wasn't really meant to be 
there at all...

> It's easy to see. Hint: sarge.

Easy for you, not for me... Sure, the JAVA_HOME variable is easy to find. But 
what about SYSTEM_XT? It's set to "n" for the Sarge backport and to "y" for 
the other builds. What does it mean? Is this related to gcj/Sun's Java? Do I 
have to set it to "n" when building with Sun's JDK? What about the 
CONFIGURE_FLAGS? Are those used for the Sarge backport the ones I should use 
when building with Sun's Java on Sid ? You see, I don't know what 
e.g. "--with-system-xml-apis" means.

Unfortunately, at the moment I can't build OOo anyway since 
the "Build-dependencies for openoffice.org could not be satisfied" ( <- 
apt-get build-dep openoffice.org ). I've tried on 3 different machines.

On another note, the reason I want to build OOo with Sun's Java is to make 
sure the issues I've reported are indeed due to building with different 
Javas. At the moment it's just a guess, Your guess, BTW.

Kind regards,


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