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Re: Bug#395036: openoffice.org writer crashes on image manipulations

On (24/10/06 18:19), Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> > However, I can see the image you refer to although the link to the file
> > is broken.  It isn't crashing for me; it just shows the image icon with
> > a break in it.  This is using 2.0.4-1 in sid amd64.
> Don't use an old package. Use 2.0.4-2.
> At least please try with that one before even considering a bug report.

Thanks Rene

For some reason aptitude was holding 2.0.4-2 back.  I've just upgraded
to 2.0.4-2 and the image/logo still doesn't show as mentioned in my
previous post.

If you want me to post a fuller explanation, let me know.



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