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Bug#394063: openoffice.org: oowriter chrashes when a picture is clicked


Am Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2006 12:02 schrieb Rene Engelhard:
> Am Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2006 09:57 schrieb Gudjon I. Gudjonsson:
> >    When I open a doc file and click a picture, I can move it around but 
> > when I release it the program crashes. 
> >    I have tried it on two computers, both on amd64 and in an chroot. The
> > strange thing is that on the one computer oowriter does not crash when 
> > run from gdb but it does that from the other. The backtracing is below.
> ALready filed, but unreproducible for me.
> Might be also a side-effect of STLport5 like some other crashes.
> Please test again with 2.0.4-2 once it's in sid.

Is now in NEW. Also available at http://people.debian.org/~rene/openoffice.org/2.0.4/.
Please try.


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