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Bug#391908: openoffice.org: Document is opened read-only but should be rw.


Jan Evert van Grootheest wrote:


read-only (the title-bar shows this and I can't make changes). I can,
however, create and modify files in that same directory using touch and

And? What are the permissions or the dir and file? Is it on some nfs thing
without locking?

Hmm. It is nfs all right. The locking I'll need to investigate.

Fixed the locking, I think. This was due to statd not running.
Now the document is opened just fine.

So my problem is solved and the cause was found.

I guess this bug no longer is that serious (I don't know how to change it, so feel free). But I also think that OOo shouldn't freeze like that, so I hope that this bug isn't just closed but will be fixed.

Thanks for the question about the nfs locking! I wonder what other problems/issues this caused...

-- Jan Evert

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